Program Updates

Most updates to Titanium Schedule can be installed by a designated center staff member using the Check for Updates feature on the Help menu of your current version of Titanium Schedule. If there is an update that cannot be installed by center staff, the Check for Updates feature will notify you to come to this page for instructions. These updates usually require the brief assistance of your computer support staff, and all users will need to be out of Titanium Schedule while the update is applied.

If you receive the message update files available that cannot be installed automatically while performing Check For Updates, you must update your database schema. This requires a script to be run against your Titanium Schedule database. Please contact Titanium Support to get the database update script and instructions. Use the instructions below to determine your version and include that information in your e-mail.

Determining Your Current Version

To determine how to update your version of Titanium Schedule, you need to know the following:

  1. Application version
  2. Database version

These can be determined by starting Titanium Schedule, selecting the Help menu, then choosing Version Information. Below is a sample Version Information screen with the Application version and Database version indicated by the red arrows. Please include these values when contacting Titanium support regarding a program update.

Note: Older versions of Titanium may require some values not shown in the image below, like release date and support library version. It is possible in some very old versions that no release date is displayed on the first line. In that case, the the last 8 digits of the Application version number (e.g. 200091006) is the release date in the format YYYYMMDD.

With that information, you can lookup the steps required to update Titanium Schedule in the sections below. If your current version information does not appear to match any of the sections below, please contact us for assistance.

Web Component Updates

There are two available options for the Web Component feature:

  • Installed and maintained by your IT group on an IIS server on your campus
  • Hosted by Titanium Software without the need for IT involvement

The update information in the remainder of this section only applies if the Web Component is installed locally by your IT group. The locally-hosted Web Component is updated separately from the main Titanium Schedule program and is usually performed by your IT staff.

Determining Web Component Version

The latest available version of the locally-hosted Web Component is 2022-12-14. If your current version is earlier than the one shown here, contact Titanium Support to update.

To determine the version of your Web Component, launch the ConnTest.aspx web page of the Web Component installed at your location. You can do this on any device capable of running your Web Component. From the start page, change just the last part of the web site address (WCMenu.aspx) to ConnTest.aspx.

On the third line down from the top of the ConnTest page, under the titles Titanium Web Component and Connection Test, will be your version date. If you do not see this line, you have a very old version, and you definitely need to update your Web Component. If your version date is earlier than the date shown above, there is a more recent version you can install.