All prices are US dollars

Titanium Schedule

The base Titanium Schedule program with licenses for 5 users

$1750 1st year
$1390 / year after 1st year

5 User Licenses

Add extra five-user license blocks as needed

$250 / block 1st year
$70 / block / year after 1st year

DSM-5-TR Codes

Allows entry of DSM-5-TR diagnoses

$17 per DSM-5-TR user
per year

Web Component

Clients can complete forms on computers and tablets

$420 1st year
$130 / year after 1st year

Hosted Web Component

Web Component hosted on Titanium Software’s cloud server

$420 1st year
$420 / year after 1st year

Client Import

Import client information from an external data source

$400 one-time fee
(no annual fee)

Calendar Sync

Synchronize Titanium Schedule with MS Exchange, Office 365, and/or Google Calendar

$270 1st year
$130 / year after 1st year


Electronically prescribe medications for patients

$600 1st year
$520 / year after 1st year
(pricing per prescriber)

Text Reminders

Send SMS text message appointment reminders to clients

$135 annual fee plus
$5 / month and $0.01 / message
with a minimum $100 prepay1


Titanium Schedule offers a number of options to meet your specific training needs



A single installation of Titanium Schedule can support multiple departments

1 Contact us for pricing if you are outside the US
2 Click or tap LEARN MORE to see all training options
3 Contact us for details about multi-department capability for your facility
Purchasing Titanium Schedule
The following procedure is intended for customers who wish to purchase a separate, stand-alone instance of Titanium Schedule. If our software is already in use at your institution, and you want to order Titanium Schedule for a new department under our multi-department model, please contact our sales team for special instructions, discounts, and a multi-department license agreement.
  1. Select the Order menu option above and fill out the order form.

  2. After placing your order, you will receive an automatic confirmation e-mail. Attached to that e-mail will be a copy of the Titanium License Agreement for you to sign and return by fax or e-mail. Upon receipt, we will add our signature to the license agreement and return a copy to you for your records.

    If you order the optional DSM-5-TR codes, the automatic confirmation e-mail will also have a copy of the DSM-5-TR User Agreement attached. As with the Titanium License Agreement mentioned above, you must sign and return the DSM-5-TR User Agreement before we can send you the activation code for this feature. You only need to sign and return this document if you order the optional DSM-5-TR codes.

  3. Within one business day (US) after receiving an order and signed Titanium License Agreement from you, we will e-mail you instructions on how to download and install Titanium Schedule.

  4. Titanium Software, Inc. will e-mail you an invoice based on your order, which can be paid by credit card or check/purchase order. We do not require payment before sending you our software, but we must have a signed license agreement before we can fulfill your order.

Titanium offers flexible payment options.

We can split invoices as needed.

No payment will be taken at the time of your order.

After you complete your order, we will send you an invoice that you can pay by credit card or use as the basis for a purchase order.

Our team will be happy to answer your questions about features, pricing and technical matters.

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